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From "North Carolina Criminal Law": Jurisprudence over whether officers may testify about defendants’ horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) in impaired driving trials. Marcus Hill both handled the trial, and got a lawyer appointed to handle the appeal.Read More »

Drug Dogs - Myers, Detetor Dogs and Probable Cause 2006

Drug Dogs - The Champion article on Dog Sniffs

District Court Recording Memo

DWI Vehicle Seizure FAQ's (Not currently working)

Level 1 Sentencing

One of the Best Ideas to Reduce Our Crowded Jails

Out of State DMV Telephone Numbers

Conversion of Plasma or Serum Alcohol to Whole Blood Alcohol

Motion for Recordation of District Court Proceedings

How to Object to a Defendants Hospital Records Being admitted into evidence in a DWI trial

Questions to the SBI Chemist

Boykin Waiver

Implied Consent Laws Can't Provide End Run around McNeeley

50G Article Failing to Advise Defendant of Implied Rights

link to site as domestic violence treatment providers.

Another Salvo in the District Court Calendar Wars

Guest Blog Post From Dr. Frederic Whitehurst PhD JD: Mr. Fletcher vs. Mr. Daubert A Journey into the Surreal

15A 222 Person from Whom Effective Consent May Be Obtained

.08 Enough ?

Addictions Severity Index Assessment Questionnaire

Alkasensor Owners Manual

Analysis of Drugs

BAC Errors Absorb v Eliminate

Blakely v Washington and Its Impact on NC Sentencing Laws

Civil Forfeiture Is Really Just Stealing by the Police 

Core Body Temp and its Effect

DHHS Requirements

District Attorneys Duty to Disclose

Free Citizenship Classes Offered 

Old District Attorney Handbook

Recommended Methods for Testing Cannabis Part 1

Recommended Methods for Testing Cannibus Part 2

Recommended Methods for Testing Cannabis Part 3

Appropriate Safeguards for Defense Examination of the states scientific evidence

Authorization Docket No.

Defamation | Digital Media Law Project

Insurance Rates Increase based only on civil revocation


Motion to Suppress Anonymous tip (traffic stops and search) DOC

Lab Not Back Continuance Motion

Lab Not Back Continuance Order

MAR-Motion and Order


Probable Cause Cases