In the past, DMV took the position that the interlock did have to be installed in order for him to be reinstated in NC as an ACTIVE driver.  If the defendant did not install the interlock he could, after the one year revocation period expired, pay his $100 restoration fee and would be restored as an INACTIVE driver in NC.  After he kept the interlock on the vehicle for the additional 45 day requirement (to make it a total of 1 year) he could then upon completion of the interlock requirement be reinstated as an ACTIVE NC driver.After a review of the statutes it was determined that the DMV was not correct in their application of the requirement and that NOW the only requirement the person had to do was to pay the reinstatement fee and he would be good to drive in NC (if of course he completed any of his own state's requirements and was validly relicensed in his home state). This came from the AG's office, probably Chris Brooks.