The Marcus Approach

At our first meeting, which costs you nothing, we'll go over what happened in detail. I'll explain what will happen if you are found guilty, the worst case scenario. A lot of your concerns come from not knowing what can and will happen.  After we meet there won't be any potential punishment or consequences that you don't know about and that we've not prepared for. This should ease your mind.

If you'll give me a couple of minutes, I'd like to tell you how I approach a DWI case.

Simply put, I begin every case convinced that the state can't prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

It's unfortunate that most lawyers begin their analysis with the premise that you are guilty. Not surprisingly, most of their clients plead guilty or are found guilty!

Of course, some cases can't be won, and in some there will be a substantial penalty for pleading not guilty. We'll consider that, and make an informed decision as to how to proceed with that in mind. If you do plead guilty, the District Attorney will usually dismiss all of the other related charges. This can be a great deal in cases where the related charges are serious or can lead to substantial penalties or a criminal record.

You may be thinking, “But Marcus, won't the judge punish me more harshly if we plead not guilty but are found guilty?” Generally, if I'm your attorney, the judge will not punish you more harshly after a trial, but I'll make sure that's the case before we plan our strategy. We'll be ready for anything.

You see, I look at a trial as a chance to win, but to win I need the judge to be paying attention. So we'll have some fun in court. Tell a joke; laugh at ourselves...because part of my job is to make sure we are the good guys. Your trial can't be a boring halfway attempt to get a break. I never try a case on the theory that a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while. I stipulate to what we must admit and only argue my good issues so we don't waste time. By knowing our plan, I am able to be more efficient and effective. The judges and district attorneys know that I don't waste time theirs, yours, or mine. Thus everyone must be alert because things happen fast. I am always well prepared; I have the cases, the manuals, and experts when necessary, whatever I need to support our position.

In addition, you and I will discuss the rules for testifying and for being in the courthouse: how to behave, how to dress, and what will work in your case. You will know the sort of questions that you will be asked and how to convince everyone in the court room you are telling the truth. Of course, you will be telling the truth, but it's important that you know how to present yourself so you will be believed.

We'll practice your testimony, practice your body language, and go over all of the details of your courtroom presentation. You see, "Change favors the prepared mind". We'll be all prepared at every step, so that we miss no opportunity. I prepare very carefully for court and so will you.

Now you may be thinking, “Ok Marcus, that sounds great, but what will happen to me if this goes badly and I'm convicted?” To answer that I'll need to go over your specific case. Then I'll be able to tell you exactly the range of punishments possible and the likely outcomes.

You can read more about how I can work to your advantage....check out my Successful Arguments to see how I handle situations, some of which might be similar to yours.

Finally, let me tell you that I win DWI cases. I carefully prepare every part of your case to give you the best chance of a great outcome. Believe it or not, in the United States you are still innocent until proven guilty, and I focus on fighting for you and getting verdicts of not guilty.

If this describes the lawyer you have been looking for, then call me right away at 919-688-1941 or Contact Me through the site to set-up your free consultation. Whatever you decide, you'll learn many things in our meeting that will help you plan your next step. We will work through this problem so that it will not mess up your present or future.  Contact me today!