Checkpoint Stats PA Deferred Prosecution Statue

STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA                                                    IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE

____________ COUNTY                                                          DISTRICT COURT DIVISION




v.                                                                                                                     MOTION




NOW COMES the Defendant, by and through his/her attorney, Marcus E. Hill, of Durham County, North

Carolina, and moves the Court as follows:  

1.         Defendant was charged with the offense of driving while impaired.

2.         Defendant's blood was drawn to be tested for alcohol and for other potential impairing substances.

3.         The blood was sent to the State Bureau of Investigation or other testing facility for testing.

4.         Defendant has retained Marcus E. Hill as his attorney, and Mr. Hill has made a general appearance

for district court.

5.         The ________ County district attorney's office has developed a practice of monitoring its pending

driving while impaired blood test cases with:"checkback"dates.  Such dates are not set on the relevant

officer's court dates, and those dates are marked on the shuck as not for hearing.  No subpoena's are


6.         Since Defendant's next court date is such a date (not the officer's court date and not for hearing),

and on that date a real date will be scheduled, Defendant's counsel requests the Court to order that

Defendant's presence is excused on that date.

This the __________________day of ____________________________, 20____.

                                                                                                                                                                        Marcus E. Hill

 Attorney for Defendant

 311 E. Main Street

 Durham, North Carolina 27701

 (919) 688-1941

 I consent:


 Assistant District Attorney