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So You've Been Arrested

Youíve been charged with a criminal offense and are scared and confused. What can you do to make the best of the situation you gotten yourself into? On this site youíll find lots of information thatíll help you be prepared, and study will be rewarded. Here are my five simple rules for a criminal case:

  1. Donít talk to anyone but your lawyer about your case.
  2. As soon as you can, sit down and write out what happened is as much detail as you can muster. Youíll be surprised how much you can forget, and that can make representing you much more difficult.
  3. Donít try to talk your way out of it. Donít go to the police. Theyíre not your friends. Trust your lawyer to help you make the best decisions in your case.
  4. Be clear about the strategy you are employing and the steps your lawyer will take, but be patient. The process is slow and often nothing happens on your case for a period of time. Thatís nothing to worry about. The passage of time benefits you. Hire the best lawyer and trust him and his knowledge of the process and the players.
  5. Donít talk to anyone but your lawyer about your case (this rule is so important that it appears twice!).

Please understand that this is just a basic primer. You need to be very careful to choose the best lawyer and give him all the tools he needs to represent you. Be honest. Tell him all the details. Donít delay; do whatís asked of you promptly. If you do what youíre required to do, Iíll do what I promise you Iíll do, and we will work it out together to your best advantage. Keep a positive attitude: Iíve handled many thousands of cases successfully. Iíll be successful in yours as well.