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Fees and Payments


Fees and Payment Policies: Reasonable flat fees and hourly rates.


When we talk, I'll tell you about my fees. I understand that the cost of an attorney is an expense that you weren't planning on. So I generally offer fees at a flat rate to assist you with your budgeting.


I accept cash, checks, or credit cards. And in some situations I will set up a payment plan for some or all of your retainer.


In any case, the initial consultation with me is free, so there is no risk on your part and you will learn just what your rights and options are. When we are finished, if you're not convinced that I will be able to protect you to your complete satisfaction, then you can simply decide not to hire me. I won't trouble you again . . . and you'll owe me nothing.


Some individuals do try to represent themselves, but this is usually a very bad plan because the penalties can be harsh. Good legal representation can minimize or eliminate the damage to your record, drivers license, and insurance rates.


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